Frequently Asked Questions


1.       How many students can participate in the Master Program?

-          The course is limited to 20 students


2.       Do I need German language skills for the M.Sc. GUH?

-          No, the course is held completely in English. For your life in Germany it is advisable to speak a little German.


3.       When is the application deadline?

-          15th April each year.


4.       Can I delay my application?

-          No, it is mandatory to apply until 14th April, but you may hand documents in later (e.g. bachelor certificate, complete transcript of records, proof on financial recourses for tuition fees (not for living expenses) in case of running scholarship application). In case of admission, a preliminary admission will be given until missing documents are provided.


5.       What are the qualifications requirements?

-          Please refer to section "Application process"


6.       Can a non-European citizen apply to the course?

-          Yes, the M.Sc. GUH is designed as international master study course and applications from all over the world are welcome.


7.       How to apply?

-          See section "Application process"


8.       Is there an application fee

-         No, there is no fee for application, but be aware of the tuition fee of 12 000€ for the whole Master course, find more information in "Fees and Fellowships"


9.       I cannot download the leaflet and/or the application form, what shall I do?

-           Please contact the programme manager at MScGUH@zmg.uni-freiburg.de.


10.   Do I need to prove my English language skills if the teaching language of my higher education degree (e.g. Bachelor) was English?

-         In principle no, but please provide verification that your earlier study courses were completely held in English (proof mandatory).


11.   When does the commission decide on the admission of students to the course and on the chosen core and specialisation sections of the course?

-          By the end of May to June.


12.       May I participate in only one part of the course?

-          The advanced modules of the Masters course are offered separately. After completion of one advanced module you can decide to join the whole MSC GUH programme for the next round.


13.   Can I get financial support for the travel expenses for my thesis if it is realized in another country?

-         There is no funding guaranteed but there are scholarships available and we assist in organizing financial support.


14.   How much can one expect to pay for living expenses (food, accomodation, etc.)?

-          See section "Living in Freiburg" 


15.   What scope is there for students to organize their own project within their master thesis?

-          Some possible topics for projects will be proposed by the professors during the core module but projects may also be suggested by students.


16.   Do I get paid during the master thesis?

-          Not normally


17.   Are there opportunities to continue into a PhD program after completing the MSc GUH?

-         A special PhD program is not yet set up for graduates of the MSc GUH. However depending on your background there are several possibilities for a subsequent PhD Thesis and you will get in contact with various potential supervisors during the time of the Master Programme.