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Programme Structure and current Schedule

Program Structure


The overall structure of the Master of Science Global Urban Health (MSc GUH) contains three parts with a total of 60 ECTS credit points. The First part is an introductory course (core module) over 12 weeks totaling 16 ECTS. The Second part includes three advanced modules, each of them divided into two sub-modules plus module assessment (all together 21 ECTS). After an overall assessment (3 ECTS) of the theoretical part the master module follows consisting of a research project and dissertation (20 ECTS).

The MSc GUH starts only in winter semester. The courses offered within this program are repeated annually. This fulltime-study-concept leads participants to a Master‘s degree usually in one year.

For detailed information about content or structure of the MSc GUH please download the Module Handbook and the Study and Examination Regulations or feel free to ask: