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Medical Sociology and Psychology

Collaborative research projects by interdisciplinary teams are most effective when supported in the development of common goals and shared visions (Choi & Pak, 2007).

The staff at Medical Psychology and Sociology (MPS) has long and outstanding experience in the development of social science concepts and methods to investigate determinants of health and health services.
There is a large body of knowledge for the selection of social science methods and the coordination of data collection in health care. Furthermore, many projects focusing on interdisciplinary collaboration have been run successfully, which can be helpful for the integration of the different disciplines into the project and development of the model.

The aim of the horizontal project located at MPS is for a centralized unit to offer methodological model development support to the Centre of Medicine and Society and the four projects.


Involved key people:

Dr. Mirjam Körner

Mirjam Koerner

Dr. Mirjam Koerner
Department of Medical Psychology and Sociology (MPS)                                     
Hebelstr. 29, Room 02 004
D-79104 Freiburg, Germany