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Topic Areas - Master of Global Urban Health

The MSc in Global Urban Health is organised through an interdisciplinary effort covering different topic areas in relation to urban health needs, including:

Research Methods and Analysis Tools
(Epidemiology, Statistics, Social Sciences, Economics, Geography, and Anthropology)

Communicable Diseases and Quality Assured programmes Environmental Management & Control of Non-Communicable Diseases

Migration, Violence and Mental Health

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Welcome to the Centre for Medicine and Society (ZMG)

Located in the heart of Freiburg, the Centre for Medicine and Society responds to the complex challenges of global health concepts in an interdisciplinary collaboration between natural, human, and social sciences in research and teaching. Together with the Faculty of Humanity it jointly organizes the Master of Science in Global Urban Health.

About the Centre for Medicine and Society in Freiburg

The Centre for Medicine and Society was founded in November 2014. 

The faculties of Environmental Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Biological Anthropology, Philosophy, Medical Sociology and Psychology are embarking on an interdisciplinary approach to explore determinants and spatial disparities of health and disease.

The ZMG is embedded in an international research network, the Pan University Network for Global Health (PINGH).

In cooperation with global organizations, such as the WHO, the focus is on disease-causing ecological-biological, social and psychological factors in urban settings, esp. in low and middle income countries, as well as on options for improved access to health care.

This approach is embedded in the overall general aim of Global Health efforts to improve health by reducing disparities and health risks at local, national and international level.

The Centre for Medicine and Society of the Medical Faculty aims be a core element of existing Global Health initiatives at Freiburg University and beyond, bringing together the complementary expertise of the university and its disciplines with regard to health-related issues and enhancing a continuous interdisciplinary discussion and cooperation with internal and external stakeholders in order to develop innovative approaches in research, health practice and capacity building activities.

In addition to research, the centre offers taught courses in Public Health.

To see the official poster of the Centre for Medicine and Society, please click here.

About the Master of Science "Global Urban Health"

Since 2016/17, the master program “Global Urban Health” (MSc GUH)  deals with the health needs in urban areas from a holistic perspective. The teaching component combines knowledge in medical, social and natural sciences and also includes an economic perspective.



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Please find the current flyer of our international Master of Science in Global Urban Health here.