The Master of Science in Global Urban Health

...welcomes students from all over the world. Come join our international community!

"This program gave me a better understanding of public health in the global context and in the urban setting. The excursions, especially to WHO, was the most prominent experience for me for networking opportunity." 

The Environmental Health module...

...teaches sustainability and invites you to get to know different initiatives. Here: Urban Gardening  in the green city of Freiburg.

Study in one of the top travel destinations of 2022! Experience all that Freiburg and the Black Forest can offer! Get in touch for more information on how to apply. 

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M.Sc. Global Urban Health

The Master of Science in Global Urban Health (MSc GUH) at the University of Freiburg is an interdisciplinary, modular course for graduates in the fields of social sciences, medicine, public health, anthropology or similar background who have professional experience in health sciences, environmental health, urban planning / migration or social work. The aim of the course is to convey knowledge, skills and competences concerning the identification and management of risks factors for health in big cities, especially, but not only, in low- and middle income countries. Visit our new homepage to see how you can become part of it!

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