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12/2020 Marketplace

In order to develop new research activities, the ZMG organized a "Marketplace" on December 2nd, 2020.
ZMG Marketplace presented current and planned projects on posters. You can find the posters with more information about the projects under the section "Research and Projects".
  • Planetary Health, COVID-19 and Anthropology
    (Judith Schlehe)
  • Infection Prevention in Global Healthcare Networks
    (Hajo Grundmann, Sandra Reuter, Tjibbe Donker)
  •  Dr. FOREST Diversity of forests affecting human health and well-being
    (Michael Scherer-Lorenzen)
  • LoKlim - Lokale Kompetenzentwicklung für Klimawandelanpassung in kleineren und mittleren Kommunen und Landkreisen
    (Hartmut Fünfgeld, Stefanie Lorenz, Thea Uhlich, Lea Brockhoff, Henning Nover, Teresa Ziegler, Tamara Ziegler)
  • The Covid-19 pandemic in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, who carries the burden?
    (Dhia Joseph Chackalackal)
  • Factors shaping the covid-19 epidemic curve: A multi-country analysis.
    (Ahmed Al-Aghbari)
  • Food Security during the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil – finding local alternatives.
    (Gabriela Pen Nasser)
  • Bidirectional screening and treatment outcomes of Diabetes mellitus (DM) and Tuberculosis (TB) patients in hospitals with measures to integrate care of DM and TB and those without integration measures in Malawi
    (John Nyirenda, Dirk Wagner, Bagrey Ngwira, Berit Lange)
  • Implementation of Diabetes mellitus (DM) and Tuberculosis (TB) Integrated Healthcare Services at Embangweni Mission Hospital, Northern Malawi
    (John Nyirenda, Dirk Wagner, Bagrey Ngwira, Kondwani Zgambo, Berit Lange)
  • Anemia as Cause and Consequence of Postpartum Hemorrhage in Sub-Saharan Africa
    (H. Glonnegger, R. Barnes, M. Correia, E. Luis, I. Boaventura, C. Niemeyer, P. Silva, A. von Drygalski)
  • Prevention and response to endemic/epidemic transmission of Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya in Colombia
    (Rocío Cardenas, Angelica Carrillo, Tatiana Rivera, Susana Koo, Winfried Kern, Marcus Panning, Antero Aitio, Hanafy M. Ismail, Olga Lucia Cabrera, Gabriel Parra Henao, Johana Yañez, Leonardo Duran, Alejandra Pineda, Axel Kroeger)
  • The WHO outbreak prediction model developed for Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, does it work in Pakistan for dengue and in Nigeria for malaria?
    (Zarqa Ayub, Suprabhath Khalasti, Axel Kroeger, Laith Hussain A., Fouzia Qamar)
  • The role of ovitraps for surveillance and early outbreak detection of arbovirus diseases
    (Juan Manuel Villa Martinez, Rocio Cardenas, David Benitez, Gustavo Tejeda)
  • Bildung, Gesundheit und (subjektive) Lebenserwartung
    (Wolfgang Eggert)
  • Cognitive-Affective Mapping: A tool for Data Collection and Communication
    (Andrea Kiesel, Roland Thomaschke, Lisa Reuter)
  • Navigating the Grey Area: Assessing Interpreters’ Views on Neutrality in their Positions
    (Antonia Ekerdt)
  • Clinic Partnership: Nkhotakota District Hospital and University of Freiburg Medical Center
    (Franziska Frech, Anna Hoghoj, Christoph Sonntag, Miriam Krimmer, Alexander Supady)
  • The role of socio-ecological diversity for sustainable development: a global comparative study
    (Benno Pokorny, Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, Sabine Reinecke)
  • Transport Delay To Care and Patient Experience In Pre-Clinical Emergency Systems In Dhaka City, Bangladesh: A Mixed Methods Study
    (Mohammad Mojahidul Hossain, Axel Kroeger, Kamelia Pervin, George Norwood, Michael Wirsching, Hans-Jöerg Busch, Caroline Busche, Alexander Supady)