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Communicable diseases & quality assured programs




History can provide information about the devastating urban enpidemics such as Plague, Cholera or Influenza which diminished our city populations over centuries. Are you aware of the newly emerging epidemic diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, Swineflu as well as the continuing threat of Cholera and diarrheal dieseases particularly in the cities of warm-climate countries? What an adequate public health response in view of of the enormous transmission dynamics of communicable diseases in overcrowded livin conditions? How can you set up cost-effective preventive programs, monitor and evaluate the process and outcome? In our five-week Program on Communicable Diseases and Quality Assured Programs you will learn how to deal with such major health threats. We will train professionals to use interdisciplinary approaches to explore planning and management issues in urban health with a special focus on communicable diseases. The globally experienced and interdisciplinary teaching staff brings expertise from public health, international relations, disease control, water and sanitation, and has experienced in health policy formulation, implementation, evaluation, and health systems research.



Target Group: Health professionals, social scientists, researchers, and
policy makers involved in health policy development and health intervention
Format: Five weeks fulltime attendance (Monday-Friday) in Freiburg, Germany
Dates: 13th of February 2017 until 17th of March 2017
Degree: University Certificate 9 CP (ECTS)
Course fees: 2500€ (including materials, excursion, administration fee. Living costs are not included)



To apply and for more information, please contact our coordinator:

Dr. Sonia Diaz-Monsalve
Centre for Medicine and Society
University of Freiburg
Phone: +49 (0) 761/203-98602