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Migration, Violence and Mental Health among Urban Poor: Strategies for Dealing with Health Challenges of the Disadvantaged




Are you qualified to deal with the specific health challenges of people living in urban areas, particularly of the poor, disadvantaged, and disintegrated population groups in lower and middle income countries? How would you deal with the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe, the large number of displaced populations in latin Amerika and Asia, internal and external migration, brain drain and related issues?

City councils, politicians, NGOs and others are in urgent need of developing a rational approach of dealing with related problems such as the exponential growth of large cities as well as a notable increase of mental health issues. The five-week Program on Migration, Violence and Mental health among urban Poor provides an interdisciplinary approach to dealing with the challenges of migration, disintegration of families, violence, stress related conditions, mental illness such as depression and anxiety syndromes, ill health due to crowding, and other phenomena of urbanization. You will learn from both scientists and practitioners from various backgrounds: mental health care specialists, migration experts, conflict advisers, and social scientists from anthropology, international relations, and religious studies.


Target group: policy makers involved in urban development and health intervention planning.
Format: Five weeks fulltime attendance (Monday-Friday) in Freiburg, Germany
Dates: 20th of March 2017 until 05th of May 2017 (Easter Break 10th – 23rd of April 2017)
Degree: University Certificate 9 CP (ECTS)
Course fees: 2500€ (Including materials, excursion, administration fee. Living costs are not included.)


To apply and for more information, please contact our coordinator:

Dr. Sonia Diaz-Monsalve
Centre for Medicine and Society
University of Freiburg
Phone: +49 (0) 761/203-98602